Business Coaching

Results Based Coaching

Business coaching is about assessing your current situation to confirm alignment or dissonance and guiding you suitably in achieving your leadership goals.

I work with physicians, executives, directors, managers and individual contributors in healthcare and across other industries. Regardless of whether you are an early careerist, in mid-career, or contemplating life after retirement, we’ll work together so you realize your highest aspirations.

I develop a complete picture of your current reality by having an in-depth conversation with you and then soliciting feedback from key stakeholders in your life. You and I then use the alignment or dissonance revealed through the process to create a metrics-based action plan, tailored to your unique leadership development needs.

It is important to note that some of the best companies and leaders in the world rely on business coaching to achieve optimal performance.

1-1 Coaching Engagements

How It Works

  • Initial Dialogue

We will have a conversation to determine what brings you to coaching, if you have clarity or need help in identifying your aspirational goals. Just as importantly, we will see if we have a mutual connection.

  • Explore Your Current Situation & Inspired Future

Through our candid 1-1 conversations, stakeholders’ interviews and more, we will co-create an outline of your current reality and also assess your commitment to change. This process will enable you to integrate these learnings and define your aspirational goals and needed behavior changes with clear success metrics.

  • Building the Plan

We will leverage the stakeholder feedback as well as your self-assessment to identify your strengths and the obstacles in your way to realizing your vision. Our focus here will be on these two areas:

  • Inner Work – Awareness Building Practice
  • Outer Work – Building New Behavior
  • Executing the Plan

You will work on the coaching goals with my support and solicit periodic feedback on progress from key stakeholders. This process may lead you to recalibrate your goals and refine direction.

  • Conclude Coaching Engagement

We will assess the overall effectiveness of coaching, develop a long-range plan, and establish on-going support for your continued growth.

  • The Logistics
  • The typical 1-1 coaching engagement is 10 sessions over 3-4 months
  • Session Duration &  Frequency – 1 hour weekly or bi-weekly, in-person, via phone or video
  • Your Takeaway – A long-range development plan
  • Support between sessions via email, text, or phone
Business Coaching

Coaching On Demand

All of us can benefit from an objective perspective when faced with a quandary, whether professional or personal. This option offers focused coaching session(s) to address your specific concern.

How It Works

  • Consultation

We share your issue, the urgency & your desired outcome. We coordinate schedules, etc.

  • Coaching Session

We discuss the issue in detail, your goals for the session, identify viable options, and end with concrete next steps you are willing to take.

  • Follow-Up

We discuss how you felt about the steps you took to address the issue and your learnings for the future.

Team Coaching

In today’s complex world, transformational leadership requires the leader to engage the commitment of all major stakeholders, especially employees, to radical change. This means winning the hearts and minds of team members. Not an easy task, by any stretch.

How It Works

We start with collaborative sessions that promote vulnerability and trust. This allows teams to highlight on the job opportunities while keeping an eye on the long-term.

  • Consultation

We will discuss the current reality of your team in terms of strengths and opportunities and the alignment with the organizational imperatives.

  • Discovery & Opportunity Definition

Through individual and collective conversations with the team members we identify their perceptions of team effectiveness compared to stakeholder feedback. This defines the scope of our work.

  • Co-Creating Team Excellence

We will engage the team to confirm that everyone is clear on and supports the purpose, goals and deliverables. Then through interactive and collaborative dialogue we will ensure that the team is fostering a culture of openness, learning and hi-performance.

  • Progress Updates

We will debrief about the team’s progress both during and after our work together to ensure resilience and forward momentum.

Why It Works

More than anything, I believe Business Coaching is about a genuine connection between me as the coach and you as my client. This allows us to build trust which enables us to have authentic conversations about your leadership aspirations, your strengths as well as your current obstacles and blind spots.

Before we proceed, I ask you about your level of commitment to making the necessary changes to achieve your goals, if you are not fully dedicated to making the changes, we respectfully part ways. However, if you are willing to put forth the effort & get out of your comfort zone, we create a customized leadership development plan for you. I both inspire and respectfully challenge you when you falter, giving you in the moment feedback as you make progress, eventually becoming the leader you chose to be on our results-based journey.

My time with Akbar has been transformational, to say the least, and without question, it has been one of the best things I have done for my career.

Kimberly Trask
Kimberly Trask

System Benefits Manager

Vancouver, WA

I reached out to Akbar to help me with my career. Recently I received a job offer in my field! I highly recommend Akbar to anyone who needs guidance with their career!

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Alicia Kastelitz

Field Engineer

NesTier Oilfield Solutions
Midland, TX

I engaged in a full-cycle coaching program with Akbar & my personal transformation during that time was more than I imagined possible.

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Chris Sepp

Business Partner

Rio Tinto
Salt Lake City, UT

Akbar’s professional coaching skills have helped me transition from an overwhelmed stereotypical mindset to a rejuvenated & more compassionate self.

Shafiq Yari
Shafiq Yari

Programme Policy Officer

United Nations Development Program
Rome, Italy

I have had the pleasure of coaching with Akbar for 2 years. The experience has been transformative for me and my career. He is an excellent coach.

Shafiq Yari
Andreea Tate

Compensation Consultant

The Standard
Portland, OR

After making a life changing career decision, I was lost. As my life coach, Akbar guided me with backbone and heart, helping me rekindle my spirit & launch a new career.

Shafiq Yari
Nasir Ghouri

Vice President

Misal Of India
Norman, OK

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How To Get Started

Want to know how to get started?

How To Get Started

At Seattle Coaching I want to make sure all your questions are answered. So I have created an FAQ page to touch on some of the most common questions I'm asked in an initial encounter.

If you still have a question after reading the FAQs, just Contact me and I will be happy to provide an answer.