My Passion for Being an Executive Coach

My Passion For Executive Coaching

I am very passionate about inspiring leaders to lead with intention and heart. This enables them to cultivate strong and empathetic connections with those around them. This approach relies on the leader’s mindfulness and inspires teams to uncommon excellence.

Most organizations use a record of success and technical competence to elevate leaders. While essential, these attributes, pale in comparison to the importance of emotional intelligence. A c-suite leader now, I know that as a young manager, working with a coach would have been very helpful.

The Power of Vulnerability
As an Executive coach, I work with clients ranging from directors to c-suite leaders. It amazes me that organizations are not more intentional in developing leaders. Over twenty years ago, I lost my first wife to cancer after two years of intense treatments. In my desire to keep my personal life separate from my work, I never shared this journey with my team. This kept me from getting closer to my teams and building a true human connection.

Decades later, I now coach leaders to bring their whole selves to their work. As they learn to be vulnerable and let their guard down, a trusting environment develops. This in turn leads to much stronger business results as employees feel both heard and seen.

It is sobering to see how hard clients are on themselves. The need for them to incorporate self-compassion in their internal dialogue is clear. It warmed my heart to hear a sr. leader share that she played chess with her husband while a pile of dirty dishes sat in the kitchen sink. Her husband had stopped asking her realizing that she was always busy. The smile and joy on this client’s face were proof for me that I was doing what I am meant to do.

Work-Life Balance
Another client, working for a large multi-national organization, had lost all sense of work-life balance. He had become so obsessed with his work that his health as well as his relationships with his family were suffering. As we worked together, he realized that his primary goal was supporting his family. This had been overtaken by his ruminations about his work, making him unavailable to his family even when he was with them. With this epiphany, he started establishing boundaries. He started eating healthy, making time for himself and being present for his loved ones. The look on his face when he talked about how his young daughter was so happy to have her Dad back was priceless!

One of my clients graduated with honors with an engineering degree Yet, due to the recession, she was unable to find a job. She started doubting herself and her self-esteem became a casualty. After several months of coaching and her relentless dedication, her confidence started to remerge. She once again started appreciating her talents, her zeal, her dedication and so much more. It was such a pleasure when she called after a while and told me that she had landed a great job as an engineer.

As a coach, I love being a part of my client’s journeys as they overcome obstacles. As I watch them become the best version of themselves, the feeling is both humbling and amazing